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Our teaching team

Parsons Music Academy invites four professional music consultants in charge of instructor training.

All western music instructors of Parsons Music are carefully selected. They are accredited with Grade 8 certificates, diplomas, music degrees or other equivalent qualifications, while other art course instructors must also possess recognized professional qualifications.

Parsons Music provides regular training concerning teaching methods for instructors. Instructors are encouraged to participate in master classes, lectures and seminars for improving teaching quality and teaching methods.

The Premier Piano Course is an exclusive course offered by Parsons Music and uses professional materials jointly developed by the professional teams.
Dr. E. L. Lancaster, one the chief editor of our consultants, who is also the Vice CEO and Chief Editor of Keyboard instrument of Alfred Music.
Dr. E. L. Lancaster provides regular professional training to instructors of Parsons Music in China and Hong Kong.
All instructors of Premier Piano Course are carefully selected and have undertaken professional training and assessments.