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Premier Piano Course
The best gift for children

Premier Piano Course is a fundamental piano course to cultivate children’s interest in music and performance skills through interactive teaching. The course can either be individual basis or in group format to cultivate children’s musical skills and explore their potential through a comprehensive training.

Course features
Intense teaching
  • Exclusive course of Parsons Music, it lays a solid foundation for music learning and training using professional teaching materials.
  • Clear and precise learning process, including setting learning goals and progress reports.
  • Piano tutors are carefully selected, trained, assessed and monitored to ensure high-quality and professional teaching.
  • Provide a range of value-added services, including abundant performance opportunities, online learning resources, and teaching materials supported by Pianoforce - the player piano system.
Happy learning
  • Interactive teaching methodology allows children to practice themselves and develop an interest in music.
  • Include music theory, solfeggio, score reading and other lessons to enhance the children’s enjoyment of learning music.
  • Open the door to music learning and encourage music creativity.
  • Build a solid foundation of piano and other instruments learning in the future.
Course structure
Suitable for students aged 4 and above who have had no previous piano experience or lessons.
One lesson per week, 45 to 60 minutes per lesson.
Eight levels in the course, each level takes around 6 months to complete.
Upon completion of each level, students are required to attend a graduation concert and will receive the graduation certificate, following which they may proceed to the next level of the Premier Piano Course.